Quarantine “Porch”-traits

Now that the toilet paper shortage has been addressed and we are on our way to the least eventful election year to date, we can all relax and focus on what truly matters...documenting our quarantine chronicles.

The past few months have been like going on a blind date before sharing your location and cell phones were invented- scary as hell. Even though it's a little frightening out there, we have been able to go back to basics and embrace what truly matters in life... our champagne and orange juice before our ten am meetings.

All joking aside, spending time with loved ones and finding creative and socially distanced ways to connect has been my saving grace during these COVID-19 times. While watching the news and playing boardgames has kept us all entertained, I was so grateful to be able to pick up my camera again and help the Wratten family capture some of their quarantine madness during our Porch-trait session.

Porch-trait derived from the latin for, "quarantine photoshoots for families trapped in their homes," is a new way of memorializing mandatory family time and capturing those "mundane" historical moments. The Wratten's showed up in their front yard in style and relished in the fact that they only needed a few household items as props to get the energy and fun going around like the 'rona.

What are you and yours doing to commemorate these historic times? Drop a comment below for some fun suggestions on how to make the best of this pandemic while staying safe and socially distanced.

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