H E L L O  

B A B E S,

 My name is Beatriz Casanova Allen, but you can call me Betty :).

To say I'm your average photographer would be a lie. I'm a wild fun BADASS and adventurous mama of four littles, yes I said four.

Little on me besides the kid clan. married for 11 years, I love long walks on the beach, tacos, micheladas, hot Cheetos, Dr Pepper, sour candy, milk with ice, traveling, fishing, camping and I mean the list goes on...

my passion for photography has made this all so much more then just a job. My favorite part of what I do is being able to meet and capture so many different love stories from all over the world. I've created so many friendships throughout this amazing journey and I am beyond thankful for that! My always  priority is to bring all of your photography dreams to life! I specialize in Wedding and Elopement photography, but I love to use my creativity and try new things as much as possible. Whether you’re interested in a family portrait session, or you want to put on your most fabulous outfit and get some solo shots, I’m your girl! I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, but that doesn’t stop me from traveling to you!

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